Born in Barcelona in 1982, after graduating in Medicine, I got my life straightened out: I studied Photography at IDEP Barcelona and Communication of Armed Conflicts at Complutense University of Madrid. Since 2017, and combined with my medical work in Barcelona, I have reported (mainly photography, but also text) in Catalonia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Spain and Ukraine, focusing (mostly but not only) on political and armed conflicts.

I have published in La Directa, L’Unilateral, La República and Hemisfèria (Catalonia), Descifrando la Guerra (Spain), Brecha (Uruguay), Tempi (France), Docu Magazine (Finland), Designboom (Italy), Columbra (Colombia) and Newsletter (UK), and I have shown my work in Razzmatazz Club flyers, in a solo exhibition at OnLand Barcelona, and in several collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Athens, Crete, Budapest, Berlin, Trieste, Orlando, Glasgow and Wichita. I have achieved a Silver prize and a Honorable Mention at Tokyo International Foto Awards (2019 and 2021), 5 Honorable Mentions at International Photography Awards (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2×2020), another one at Paris Photo Prix (2020) and one more at Budapest International Foto Awards (2020), besides being finalist in a few other minor contests.