Born in Barcelona in 1982, after graduating in Medicine, I got my life straightened out: I studied Photography at IDEP Barcelona and Communication of Armed Conflicts at Complutense University of Madrid. Since 2017, and combined with my medical work in Barcelona, I have reported (mainly photography, but also text) in Catalonia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Spain and Ukraine, focusing (mostly but not only) on political and armed conflicts.

I have published essays on Ara, La Directa, L’Unilateral, La República and Hemisfèria (Catalonia), Descifrando la Guerra (Spain), Brecha (Uruguay), Designboom (Italy), Tempi (France), Docu Magazine (Finland) and Columbra (Colombia). Also some pictures and extracts of my texts have appeared on Betevé (Catalonia), News Letter (UK) and also (all the following stole them) on Pearl of Africa (Uganda), ANA-MPA, Thess Press, SofokleousIn, Circo Greco, Efimeris Dimoprasion and Gemmaco (Greece). I have shown my work in Razzmatazz Club flyers, in a solo exhibition at OnLand Barcelona, and in several collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Athens, Crete, Budapest, Berlin, Trieste, Orlando, Glasgow and Wichita. Recently, I’ve been selected as one of Coups de coeur for ANI/PixTrakk Award 2022 of Visa pour l’Image (Perpinyà, Catalonia). Also, I have achieved a Silver prize and a Honorable Mention at Tokyo International Foto Awards (2019 and 2021), 5 Honorable Mentions at International Photography Awards (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2×2020), another one at Paris Photo Prix (2020) and one more at Budapest International Foto Awards (2020), besides being finalist in a few other minor contests.